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What is a WorldCon?
The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is an international gathering of the science fiction and fantasy communities (the first Worldcon was held in 1939). Attendees come there from all over the world to share their love of Science Fiction once every year.

In the last decade, the convention has been held on four different continents, but none of the 74 Worldcons was ever held in France…
Worldcons are organized and run by fans, all volunteers. The majority of the organizing committee changes every year with the convention’s location, although many members give Worldcons their time year after year, regardless of location.
Attendees include authors, artists, publishers, gamers, vendors, musicians, and fans. Everyone who attends joins by buying a membership. Only a few have their expenses covered; Those “Guests of Honor” are recognized for their contributions to the field and the science fiction community.

Major events at a Worldcon include the Hugo Awards ceremony, the Art Show and auction, the Masquerade… but hundreds of other events (panels, gaming, viewings) happen there.

Worldcon embraces science fiction and fantasy in different forms, not only literature but also film, TV, art, comics, Anime and manga, gaming and also explores science in science fiction.