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Nice 2026

After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our bid for hosting the 2023 World Science Fiction Convention in Nice, France.

The impacts of COVID-19 are extensive and have far reaching consequences, as various industries and sectors are affected by the aftermath of the pandemic. Our daily lives, employments and businesses are severely disrupted, and we find ourselves unable to keep the 2023 target.
This has been and still is a challenging time for everyone, and we want to thank you all for your support, open discussions, understanding and encouragement.
We’re genuinely upset and disappointed, but we fully intend to host the WSFC later in time. We will be working to finalize the details and will share more information about our plans in the coming months.

Since 1939, Science Fiction fans have come together and organized world conventions (known as ‘Worldcons’) every year. These events, often located in the States, are being held in other continents more and more often.

However, in 75 years of history, no Worldcon has ever come to France.

Today, we feel it is time to correct this oversight and write a new page in the history of world SF.

If you too wish to help us make this a reality, join us in this adventure! The more of us there are, the easier it will become to bring the project to fruition and to produce an unforgettable event.

Place: Nice, French Riviera